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This page summarizes recent additions and modifications to pages of the Collector's Guide to Airline Timetables.

Additional information is always appreciated.  If you are aware of schedule publication dates not currently included, please email details to

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All timetables Class 1A unless otherwise noted

Date Airline Action
12-06-22  Alia Royal Jordanian
Aloha Airlines
Braniff International Airways
Capital Airlines
Capital Airlines
Executive Airines
Olympic Airways
Ozark Air Lines
Pacific Northern Airlines
Pocono Airlines
Westair (Stol Air)
Add 11-01-67
Add full timetable PDF 02-05-58
Add image 03-01-58
Add image 01-14-54
Add image 10-10-56
Add 12-01-68
Add image 04-01-64 - North American edition
Add image 05-26-63
Add 01-01-61
Carrier added
Add image 10-30-67
Add 03-01-75

12-04-22  Air Jordan
Allegheny Airlines Airlines
Aloha Airlines
Arab Airways
Arab Airways
Continental Airlines
Lake Central Airlines
Lake Central Airlines
Mohawk Airlines
Northeast Airlines Airlines
Northeast Airlines Airlines
Southwest Airways

Add 10-01-59
Add image 12-01-62
Add 09-05-89
Add 08-23-53 #1
Add 04-01-56 #10A
Add image 04-25-71
Add image 08-01-61
Add 10-29-61
Add image 02-01-69
Add 07-15-49
Add image 02-01-63
Add image June 1, 1952
09-14-10 Aer Lingus
Aloha Airlines
Central Airlines
Lake Central Airlines
Northeast Airlines
Northeast Airlines
Northeast Airlines
Trans-central Airline
US Airways
Add 04-01-61---10-31-61, Class 1B - NA (Irish Int'l)
Add 01-07-57
Add 05-01-65
Add image 09-01-56
Add 02-01-69 (Commercial Airways)
Add 11-01-54
Add 06-01-60
Add image 10-31-54
Add image 01-01-55
Add image 05-26-55---06-22-55
Add image 09-01-79 (Air Central)
Add 10-30-55 (Allegheny Airlines)

08-12-10 Air Pacific
British Airways
Hawaiian Airlines
JAL Japan Air Lines
Los Angeles Airways
Lone Star Airlines
Northeast Airlines
Rio Airways
SAS Braathens
Sun Airlines
West Coast Airlines
Add 05-01-85
Add 01-01-79---03-31-79 - 1D, Intercontinental
Add 12-13-95
Add 06-14-56, #117
Add image FEB/MAR 73
Add 07-01-60
Add 07-15-91
Add image 04-01-57
Add image 02-01-72
Add 04-01-67---10-31-67 (Braathens SAFE)
Carrier added (USA Southeast 1960s)
Add image 06-15-58




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