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In Memoriam - Frank J. Lichtanski

It greatly saddens me to say Frank passed away in Monterey, California on Thursday, June 9, 2005. While I have spoken to Frank only intermittently in recent years, in a very real sense, AirTimes was his idea.

In the mid-1970s, Frank encouraged my fledgling interest in airline timetables and the hobby of timetable collecting.  We enlisted many others including George Cearley, Bruce Drum, David Keller, and Björn Larsson and drew up a list called the Compendium of Airline Timetables. I still have those early notes. With the growth of the internet, this idea, now called the Collectors Guide to Airline Timetables moved onto the net.  As most regular visitors to AirTimes know, this lifelong hobby has greatly enriched my life and I am deeply appreciative to Frank for his advice and encouragement as my early mentor so many years ago.

My deepest sympathies to Frank's family, his wife Pam and their daughter, Aaron in this this very sad time.